We are proud appointed dealers and approved installers for the following reputable suppliers and have ranges to suit all budgets and styles:

  • Nouwens Carpets
  • Belgotex Floor Coverings

Our in-house installation team is highly skilled and experienced and personally supervised. 

We supply a wide range of carpets, made from various materials and in different styles:

  • Berber, a type of carpet which uses handspun yarns made from undyed wool Coarse Loop Pile, has coarse or uneven loops, often created from chunky yarn, for a more textured appearance. 
  • Cut-Loop, a pile with a sculptured appearance created by cutting some loops and leaving others uncut at the same or a different level. 
  • Cut Pile, the tops of loops are cut, usually to a uniform length. 
  • Frieze or Hard Twist Pile, a cut pile carpet where yarns are twisted and heat set to achieve a textured pile surface. 
  • Nylon, an extremely hard-wearing and good looking carpet fibre. 
  • Polypropylene, a very well priced and fairly extensively used synthetic carpet fibre. It is important to note that most carpets made of lover priced fibres do not compare in performance to carpets made of quality wools or nylons. 
  • Saxony, a dense and even cut pile carpet where yarns are treated to make each tuft-end distinguishable at the surface. 
  • Wool, a truly a unique carpet fibre made by Mother Nature, with an appeal and appearance retention way beyond that of any synthetic. The fibre is water repellent and naturally antistatic which improves soil resistance and ease of maintenance. Wool is inherently flame resistant and scorch marks can usually be brushed away. The pile recovers very well from tread and pressure of furniture and gives unsurpassed comfort.

Caring for your new carpet:

  • Fading – protect carpets from fading by using sunfilters or drawing the curtains in strong sunlight. 
  • Piling – in the case of spun yarns the ends of individual fibres are exposed, causing loose fibres to form fluff on the new carpet. This is quite normal – with regular vacuuming, excess loose fibres will be removed and others will settle into the base of the pile. 
  • Pile Crush is seen mostly in newly fitted carpets and is caused by pressure on rolls of material while in storage. With normal usage, maintenance and a bit of time the carpet will recover by itself. Heavy furniture can sometimes leave permanent depressions. Protective cups under the feet of such furniture will distribute the weight and, in so doing, lessen the effect. 
  • Soil Resistant Treatments such as Scotchgard and Easi-care can be used on carpet fibres or finished carpets. However, most household spills and soiling are in the form of natural or synthetic dyestuffs (ie. tea, coffee, food colourants, natural soil pigments etc), and carpet fibres absorb these dyes. The heat of the beverage and the delay with which you clean the spot affects the degree of staining on treated as well as untreated fibres. This means that soil resistance treatments are most effective if regular and correct maintenance procedures are followed. 
  • Underfelt is not just a luxury – it is proven to dramatically lengthen the life of a carpet while enhancing its luxury feel. It also improves the thermal and acoustic insulation. Select underfelt of at least the same grade as your carpet. 
  • Aritread is a revolutionary new under carpet cushion from Belgotex Carpets. Its unique structured latex foam traps air below the carpet, improving its insulation characteristics and vacuum efficiency. Its superior resilience will dramatically prolong the life of the carpet wile the latex backing resists mildew and moisture damage.

Commercial Carpet Range 

We supply and install a range of hard wearing carpets which will endure high levels of passing traffic in many styles to suit your business.

Visit our showroom to see the entire range and get advice about which carpet would best suit your requirements.

Domestic Carpet Range 

We supply and fit a wide range of quality carpets which cater for the domestic market in a variety of styles, textures and colours to suit your budget.

Visit our showroom to see the entire range and get advice about which carpet would best suit your requirements.

Our Guarantee: 

We undertake to make good or replace any A Grade carpet within three years of installation if, due to proven defect in manufacture, this carpet should fail to give satisfaction in normal use according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Should we not be able to replace the particular range, the client can select a carpet of similar value from our current range. 


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