Carpet Discount House is an approved installer of Warmup innovative heating solutions, which provides safe, comfortable and economical heating, evenly dispersed throughout your home. 

It can be installed under all types of floor coverings. Some of these coverings, such as laminates, will need the slab temperature to be limited according to the manufacturer’s specifications, normally around 27°C. 

Warmup can cover up to 100% of the available floor area if required, providing even heating with no cold areas. 

Undercarpet and undertile heating has a vastly quicker response time when compared to conventional underfloor heating. You only heat the area you need, when you need it. A typical bathroom of 2.5sqm uses less power than three 100 watt light bulbs. 

Warmup undercarpet heating pads are quickly and safely installed under new or existing carpets, loose carpets and rugs. 

Warmup is healthy (there is no dry heated air to aggravate allergies or asthma), it is completely safe and environmentally friendly, requires no maintenance and increases the value of your home. 

Warmup heating cables are factory tested and the element insulation is tough, completely waterproof and resistant to chemical attack. Discreetly hidden from view with no visible elements or radiators, the heaters have been designed not to overheat in normal conditions and may be left on continuously, although timers and thermostats are available as optional extras for additional control. 

A five year factory-backed warranty covers our range of undercarpet and underlaminate heating pads, while all undertile and underfloor heating systems carry a 10 year factory backed warranty. 

We install the heating cable in the safest and most efficient way possible to safeguard it from being damaged while your building or renovations are underway. 


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